Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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Chapter 7
   Working with Documents in the Desktop Manager    7-7
orking with
Documents in the
Desktop Manager
Sending a Scheduled, Held, Failed, or Stopped PC Fax
A PC fax job continues to reside in the Out Box folder if it is scheduled for
sending later, if it is on hold, if it failed to transmit in the specified
number of retries, or it was stopped. You can reprocess the PC fax job for
sending now or rescheduling it for a different time.
When you send a PC fax from the Out Box folder, the Send Fax dialog
box displays the information initially entered for the PC fax. You can
change the information as needed. For example, for a PC fax that failed
because of a wrong fax number, you can correct the fax number. For a
scheduled PC fax, you can specify a different time for transmission.
If a cover page had been attached, the style and any memo text is
displayed and can be edited.
To send a fax:
1. In the Out Box folder, drag the document to the Send fax button on
the toolbar. Or, select the document and click Send Fax on the File
2. In the Send Fax dialog box, change any fax options as needed.
3. When you have finished your entries for the fax, process the fax.
To process the fax for immediate sending, click Send Now.
To schedule the fax for a later time that you specify, click Send
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