Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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Chapter 7
   Working with Documents in the Desktop Manager    7-21
orking with
Documents in the
Desktop Manager
Page Panel
The page panel contains a number of buttons, one for each page in
the document you are currently viewing. The page panel provides a
quick visual indication of the number of pages in the document and a
method for moving to another page. The page panel normally displays
along the bottom edge of the Document Viewer window, above the
status bar.
Status Bar
The status bar appears at the bottom of the window, and contains
useful information about the document that you are currently
Adjusting Your View of the Document
You can adjust your view of the open document in a number of ways, to
provide a more workable display area for making annotations. For
example, you can hide or show the different components of the
Document Viewer.
To show/hide the components of the window:
Do one of the following:
On the View menu, click Toolbar, Status Bar, Annotation Panel, and/
or Page Panel. Clicking the same command turns the display of the
item on and off.
For the annotation panel, you can also click the Annotation Panel
button on the toolbar.
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