Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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7-22    Working with Documents in the Desktop Manager
Chapter 7
Changing the Document Orientation
You may need to rotate a document for easier reading. For example, the
document may represent a fax you received that was originally sent in
landscape mode or was fed into a fax machine in an inverted position.
The change in orientation applies to the entire document, not just a
currently displayed page.
To change the document orientation:
Do one of the following:
On the View menu, point to Rotate. On the Rotate menu, click Right,
Left, or 180 to rotate the document right by 90
, left by 90
, or 180
(flipping the document upside down).
On the toolbar, click Rotate Right, Rotate Left, or Rotate 180.
Adjusting the Display Size
The Document Viewer offers different levels of magnification to enable
you to work at the most comfortable size for your document. You can
zoom in and out at predefined increments, or specify a particular size or
You can use the Fit to Width option which fills the width of the window
with your page display, or Fit to Height which adjusts the document
image size so that the entire document is visible within the window.
To enlarge or reduce the size:
To enlarge the document by increments, click Zoom In on the View
menu or the toolbar.
To reduce the size of the document by increments, click Zoom Out on
the View menu or the toolbar.
To select a specific size or scale for enlarging or reducing the
document, point to Zoom on the View menu. On the Zoom menu,
click the desired size. Or, click the size or scale from the drop-down
list box on the toolbar.
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