Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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7-24    Working with Documents in the Desktop Manager
Chapter 7
Reviewing Information About the Document Image
As a reference, you can display information about the document
currently displayed in the Document Viewer. This information includes
the name and size of the file, when the file was created, the number of
pages, the width and height, the resolution (pixels per inch), the number
of bits used to represent each pixel (thus, the number of colours that can be
displayed), and the scaling.
To review information about the image:
On the View menu, click Image Info.
Adding Annotations to Your Document
The following sections describe the various ways you can annotate your
document. For a sample of annotations you can add to your document,
refer to the “Annotating a Document” section, presented earlier in this
Adding a Sticky-Note
You can add a text note on any portion of your document. When you do
so, you can choose the text attributes: font, font size, and special effects
(boldface, italic, underline, strikeout). Sticky-notes always appear as
black text on a yellow background.
You can type any text that you want for the note, editing the note later if
necessary. If you select a font, font size, or special effect, it affects the
entire note. If you change any of the attributes while editing a note, or
while the note is selected, it changes all the text in the note.
If you switch away from the note to do something else (such as change
the text size or switch to a different tool) before entering your text, the
sticky-note is removed. This is to prevent your creating unwanted blank
To add a sticky-note:
1. Click the Sticky-Note tool on the annotation panel.
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