Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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7-32    Working with Documents in the Desktop Manager
Chapter 7
Removing an Annotation
If you decide you no longer want an annotation to appear in your
document, you can remove the annotation, either permanently or by
moving it to the clipboard.
To remove an annotation, select the annotation and do one of the
To delete the annotation permanently, press the Delete key.
To remove the annotation to the clipboard, click Cut on Edit menu or
Exporting the Document
You can save a copy of the document currently open in the Document
Viewer to a file on a specified driver and directory. The document is
saved as a graphic file, and can include or not include any annotations
you may have created. Typically, you would save the document to use in
a graphics application of your choice. The document you can export is
TIFF file format only.
To export a document:
1. On the File menu, click Export .
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