Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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Chapter 8
   L60 Setup and Other Utilities in the Desktop Manager    8-3
L60 Setup and
Other Utilities in the
 Desktop Manager
The following instructions summarise the procedures for changing the L60
setup options in the Desktop Manager. For additional information, refer to
later sections in this chapter.
To change setup options in the Desktop Manager:
1. On the Setup menu, click the group of setup options you want to
2. In the Setup Options dialog box, to display another group of options,
click the appropriate tab.
3. On the appropriate setup tab, specify your changes.
4. To save any changes and close the dialog box, click OK. When
prompted, choose whether or not you want to overwrite the settings
on your L60.
To exit the dialog box without saving your changes, click Cancel.
When you save your changes, L60 setup options are saved in the Desktop
Manager, as well as on the L60.