Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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8-6    L60 Setup and Other Utilities in the Desktop Manager
Chapter 8
Phone Line
You specify the dialling method the L60 will use:  touch tone or rotary
pulse. You also specify any prefix used to access an outside phone
Automatic Retries
You specify the number of retries the system should attempt when
sending a fax transmission, and the length of time between each
Automatic Report
You specify whether or not you want a report to print with each fax
transmission, or only when there is an error with the fax
transmission. You can also specify if you want an image of the first
page of the fax included in the report.
Restoring the Default Settings
After making changes, to restore the default settings for the options, click
Use Defaults.
Setting Up Advanced Send Fax Options
To change the following Advanced Send Fax options, click Advanced on
the Send Fax tab.