Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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8-8    L60 Setup and Other Utilities in the Desktop Manager
Chapter 8
Off Hook Alarm
You select this option to turn on the alarm if the telephone handset is
Image Contrast
You select a setting that determines the level of contrast in the faxes
you send. The Standard setting is usually appropriate for most
documents. However, based on the lightness or darkness of your
original fax document, you may prefer to lighten or darken the
contrast for the fax transmission.
Fax Heading Position
You select where you want the sent fax heading information (your
fax number, your name, and date and time) to print on the faxes you
send. This information is known as the Transmit Terminal
Identification (TTI).
On Error Resend
You select this option if you want the L60 to automatically redial if an
error occurs while sending a fax. If this option is selected, you also
select which pages should be resent: only the page on which the error
occurred, the page on which the error occurred and the first page of
the fax, or all pages.
The R-Key options enable you to define the R-Key settings for your
L60. The options determine whether or not you are connecting your
L60 to a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) line to send PC faxes. If you
are connecting to a PBX, you also select the type of PBX line.
If you are connecting to a PBX line, you select PBX. Otherwise, you
select PSTN.
If you select PBX, in the PBX box, you select the type of PBX you are
operating with: Prefix, Hooking, or Earth Connection. (Note: Earth
Connection may not be available in your country.)
If you select Prefix as the PBX type, in the Prefix box, you enter the
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