Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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Chapter 8
   L60 Setup and Other Utilities in the Desktop Manager    8-13
L60 Setup and
Other Utilities in the
 Desktop Manager
Error Correction (ECM)
You select this option to reduce system and line errors when receiving
a fax. With this option selected, the system checks each incoming fax
for lost data. If data has been lost from a portion of a page, the system
receives that portion again after confirming that all data within that
portion can be received successfully.
Ink/Toner Saver mode
You select this option if you want to print documents in the Desktop
Manager using a reduced amount of toner, thereby saving printer
toner. When using this option, the printed document may appear to
be less bright or contrasted.
Listen Time Before Ringing
When a call is received, the L60 checks to see if the call is from a fax
machine or a telephone. If your L60 does not have enough time to
detect the fax tone, it assumes the call is from a telephone. You use this
option to set the appropriate amount of time to allow the L60 to check
for the type of call.
Ring Time
When your L60 is set to receive both fax and telephone calls, it rings to
inform you of an incoming telephone call. If you do not pick up the
handset within a certain amount of time, the L60 stops ringing. You
use this option to set the appropriate amount of time the L60 should
Ring Tone
You set the volume level of the ring tone.
Default Action If No Answer to Telephone
You set this option to Receive if you want the L60 to handle an
incoming call, detected as a telephone call that is not answered, as an
incoming fax. If no fax is received, the line is then disconnected. If
you set this option to Disconnect, the L60 automatically disconnects
the unanswered call, without switching to try and receive a fax.
Manual/Auto Switch
To prevent missing incoming documents when the L60 is set to
manual receiving, you can set the unit to automatically answer the
phone and switch to automatic. The unit can receive the incoming fax
after the specified ring time (the number of seconds you specify).
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