Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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8-16    L60 Setup and Other Utilities in the Desktop Manager
Chapter 8
To add a recipient to the Address Book:
1. Click New.
2. In the New Individual Entry dialog box, complete the appropriate
information for the recipient and then click Add. For detailed
instructions on completing the New Individual entry dialog box,
refer to Chapter 5, “PC Faxing.”
Defining a Group Speed Dial Code
This section provides instructions for assigning two or more recipients to
a speed dial code.
1. On the Speed Dial tab, make sure the desired recipients for your
group are set up as individual speed dial assignments.
2. Select the speed dial code to which you want to assign the group of
recipients, and click Group Dial.
3. In the Group Dial list box, in the Group Name box, enter a name for the
group assignment.
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