Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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8-24    L60 Setup and Other Utilities in the Desktop Manager
Chapter 8
Removing MultiPASS Background from StartUp
Closing the MultiPASS Background does not remove it from the Windows
StartUp group. If you have disconnected your L60, the next time you start
Windows, the MultiPASS Background will try to open. At that time, the
MultiPASS Background will be unable to detect the device, displaying an
error message.
When you close the message dialog box, the MultiPASS Background closes
automatically, since it cannot detect the L60 device. Your port remains
available for you to use with other devices.
However, if you would like to prevent the message  from displaying each
time you start Windows, you can remove the MultiPASS Background
from the StartUp group.
The following instructions summarise the procedures for removing a
program from Windows StartUp. For more details, refer to your
Windows user documentation.
To remove the MultiPASS Background from StartUp:
1. On the Window desktop, click the right mouse button on Start.
2. On the displayed menu, click Open.
3. In the Start Menu window, double click the Programs icon.
4. In the Programs window, double-click the StartUp icon.
5. In the StartUp window, click the MultiPASS Background icon and
press the Delete key.
Restarting the MultiPASS Background
If you reconnect the L60 to the port and want to begin using the Desktop
Manager again, the MultiPASS Background is restarted automatically
when you open the Desktop Manager. You can also open the MultiPASS
Background without opening the Desktop Manager.
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