Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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8-26    L60 Setup and Other Utilities in the Desktop Manager
Chapter 8
Disconnecting the L60
You can disconnect the L60 if you want to use the parallel port for another
purpose. Before disconnecting your unit, be sure to close the MultiPASS
1. Turn off your computer.
2. Unplug your computer from all electrical sources.
3. Unplug the L60 from all electrical sources.
4. On the back of your computer, remove the cable connector from the
parallel printer port.
5. On the L60, release the wire clips and remove the cable connector from
the port.
6. Plug your computer back in to the electrical source.
Using MultiPASS Diagnostics
If you have difficulties with your MultiPASS software or hardware, you
can use the MultiPASS Diagnostics. You use the MultiPASS Diagnostics to
verify your MultiPASS software and hardware installation, and identify
hardware problems.
The MultiPASS Diagnostics produces a report with information you can
use to resolve your problem. You can save the report to an ASCII text file on
your hard drive.
To use MultiPASS Diagnostics:
1. Open the MultiPASS Diagnostics.
On the Windows desktop, click Start, and then point to Programs. On
the Programs menu, point to Canon MultiPASS L60. Then click
MultiPASS Diagnostics.
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