Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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Chapter 8
   L60 Setup and Other Utilities in the Desktop Manager    8-27
L60 Setup and
Other Utilities in the
 Desktop Manager
The MultiPASS Diagnostics displays a message indicating if all tests
were performed successfully. Messages appear suggesting solutions
for any problems detected.
2. When prompted in a dialog box, click Yes to view the log file.
3. In the MultiPASS Diagnostics window, to save the log file, choose
Save As on the File menu.
4. In the Save As dialog box, specify the drive, directory, and filename
for saving the file. Then click OK.
5. To exit the MultiPASS Diagnostics window, on the File menu, click
Uninstalling the Desktop Manager
If you are planning on reinstalling MultiPASS Desktop Manager, you
must first uninstall the current installation of the software. When you
uninstall the software, you remove the MultiPASS Desktop Manager and
related scanner, printer, and fax drivers. The following items are not
removed, so that you can reinstall the MultiPASS Desktop Manager at a
later time and continue to use your data files:
MPASS directory
Data folders and files
(such as Fax Log and Address Book)
System files shared with other applications
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