Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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9-2    Frequently Asked Questions
Chapter 9
Faxes Are Not Being Sent Correctly.
Is the operation panel blank?
You might have a power problem. Check that the power cord is plugged
securely into the unit, and that your electrical source is OK.
Is the unit set correctly for the type of telephone line in use (pulse/
If you have a pulse line, be sure the unit is set for pulse dialling. If you are
not sure about what type of line you have, contact your local phone
Is the L60 warm to the touch?
The unit might be overheated and shut itself off. Turn the unit off and let
it cool down for several minutes but less than one hour, or you can lose
information registered in memory. Try using it again.
Did a document not feed correctly through the automatic document
Remove the document, stack it, and feed it into the unit again.
Are errors being reported when you send a fax?
Use the operation panel user menu to turn on ECM sending. ECM
sending/receiving should help with problems due to poor telephone lines.
However, you might have to try again. If the receiving fax unit does not
support ECM transmission, the document is received in the normal mode
without error checking.
Is speed dialling not working correctly?
If you were not able to use one-touch, coded, or group speed dialling, check
the contents of the one-touch or coded speed dialling button and be sure to
register it correctly.
Is the other party’s fax machine having problems receiving
your faxes?
Make a photocopy. If it is clear, the other party’s fax unit might be the
problem. Ask the other party to check the receiving fax unit for:
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