Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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2-4    Installing the Desktop Manager Software
Chapter 2
If you are attempting to reinstall the Desktop Manager software, you
must first uninstall your current installation of the software. For
instructions on uninstalling the software, refer to Chapter 8, “L60 Setup
and Other Utilities in the Desktop Manager.”
Installing in Windows
To install the software for your L60, you need to run the MultiPASS
Master Installer Program on your Canon Desktop Manager CD-ROM.
There are two ways to start the MultiPASS
 Master Installer Program:
Method #1: AutoRun. You load the Canon Desktop Manager CD-
ROM and follow the instructions it displays.
Method #2: Manual. You run the software’s setup program manually,
from within Windows.
We recommend using Method #1. However, a few computers may not be
configured to use Windows’ AutoRun feature. In this case, use Method
#2 instead. No matter which method you choose to get started, once the
setup programs begin, they’ll run the same way, giving you the same
When you turn on your computer, Windows might display the “New
Hardware Found” dialog box, and then ask where it should look for your
printer driver software. If this happens, click Cancel. Then, follow one of
the two installation methods described below.
Method #1: AutoRun
Begin the installation process by simply inserting your MultiPASS
Desktop manager CD in your CD-ROM drive and waiting for it to be
recognized. If yur CD-ROM drive supports AutoRun and you haven’t
turned it off, the MultiPASS
Master Installer program will load and
display the welcome screen. You’re ready to start installing. Follow the
on-screen installaiton instructions.