Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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Chapter 2
   Installing the Desktop Manager Software    2-5
Installing the
Desktop Manager
Method #2: Manual Installation
If AutoRun is turned off on your computer, or if your CD-ROM drive
doesn’t work with this Windows feature, you can start the MultiPASS
Master Installer setup program as follows:
1. Place your Canon Desktop Manager CD in your CD-ROM drive.
2. Choose Start Run.
3. In the Open box, enter D:\Setup. (If your CD-ROM drive uses a
different letter, substitute that letter instead of D.)
4. Click OK.
The MultiPASS
 Master Installer program will load and display the
welcome screen. You’re ready to start installing. Follow the on-screen
installation instructions.
Running the MultiPASS
Master Installer Program
Whether you’ve started the installation process using Method #1 or
Method #2, once the MultiPASS
Master Installer Program loads, you
can follow the same steps to complete your installation.