Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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Chapter 2
   Installing the Desktop Manager Software    2-7
Installing the
Desktop Manager
Setting the Default Printer
When you installed the printer driver software, the system automatically
sets the L60 as the default printer. If necessary, however, follow these
instructions to set the L60 as the default printer.
To set the default printer:
1. On the Windows desktop, click Start, and then point to Settings.
On the Settings menu, click Printers.
3. In the Printers dialog box, click the Canon MultiPASS L60 Printer
4. On the File menu, click Set As Default.
Changing the Printer Port
You can change the printer port setting automatically assigned during the
installation. Unless you want to lose the port settings for an existing
device, select an unused printer port.
If you want to disconnect the L60 from the selected port, you must also
disable the MultiPASS Background. For information on disabling the
MultiPASS Background, refer to Chapter 8, “L60 Setup and Other Utilities
in the Desktop Manager.”