Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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Chapter 3
   Printing with the L60    3-3
Printing with the
Printing Envelopes
When printing envelopes, use the following guidelines to achieve the best
Use the appropriate size envelope: U.S. commercial size number 10 or
European size DL.
Although other envelope sizes might fit in the manual feed tray,
using them may not provide consistent printing results.
Avoid using the following types of envelopes. They may cause jams
or smears, or may damage your printer:
With windows, holes, perforations, cutouts, and double flaps
Made with special coated or deeply embossed paper
With peel-off sealing strips
With letters enclosed.
Avoid using the multi-purpose tray to load envelopes when
temperature or humiditylevels are high. The glue on the flap may
become sticky and stick to the envelope, or cause a paper jam. Use
the manual feed slot instead.
Stack up to 7 envelopes in the L60 multi-purpose tray. If you use the
manual feed slot, feed envelopes one at a time.
Be sure to use face-up delivery when printing on envelopes.
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