Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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3-8    Printing with the L60
Chapter 3
If you want a custom paper size, refer to the next section for
4. Under Media Type, select the type of material on which you want to
5. Under Paper Feed, click the source of your paper.
Setting a Custom Paper Size
When setting the paper size, you can define a custom size. The custom
size can be used just for the one print job, or saved and loaded again for
future print jobs. Your custom size can be defined based on the following
dimensions: width of 3.50 to 8.66 inches (88.9 to 220.0 millimeters), height
of 5.83 to 14.0 inches (148.0 to 355.6 millimeters).
You can save up to two custom page sizes. Once saved, a custom page
size cannot be changed. However, you can define a new custom size,
saving it in place of the previously defined custom size. If you do not
save your custom paper size, the size is available only for this one print
To set the custom paper size:
1. In the Paper Setting dialog box, under Paper Size, click Custom.
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