Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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Chapter 3
   Printing with the L60    3-9
Printing with the
2. Under Save Custom Size, in the Unit list box, select the unit of measure
by which you want to define the size of your paper.
3. In the Width and Height boxes, enter the dimensions of your paper.
To save the custom paper size:
Once you have specified the size, drag the paper icon from Save Custom
Size to Custom Size Saved. Click OK to confirm you want to save the
If there are previously saved paper sizes, you move the new size onto the
icon for the previous size you no longer need. The previously saved
custom size is replaced by the newly defined custom size.
To use the saved custom paper size for printing:
1. Under Custom Size Saved, click the desired size.
2. Click OK to confirm you want to use the size.
3. Click OK to close the dialog box.
Displaying Printer Driver Information
To review information about your printer driver, on the Paper tab, click
Setting Graphics Options
When printing a document with graphics, you can set the print quality
and model for the graphics.
1. In the printer setup or properties dialog box, click the Graphics tab.
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