Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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3-14    Printing with the L60
Chapter 3
Toner Saving
The Toner Saving option enables you to print documents from Windows
applications with your L60 using a reduced amount of toner, thereby
saving printer toner.  When using toner saving, the printed document
may appear to be less bright or contrasted between inked and non-inked
areas. However, unlike the Print Quality option, the print resolution (dpi)
is not adjusted.
To turn Toner Saving on and off:
On the Setting tab, click the buttons below the Toner Savings icon to turn
it on and off.
Saving Your Print Settings
You can save your printer settings for future use. For example, one group
of settings may be appropriate when printing a Word document, and
another when printing a Photoshop graphic. To more quickly set the
print options for your next document, you can select a saved setting.
In addition to the default settings provided with the software (displayed
as the Factory option), you can save up to four of your own.
To save your print settings:
1. In the printer setup or properties dialog box, set your print options as
desired on the Paper, Graphics, and Setting tabs.
2. Click the Setting tab.
3. Under Save Current Setting, in the Name box, enter the name for the
group of settings you are saving.
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