Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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4-2    Using the Desktop Manager
Chapter 4
Desktop Manager: an Overview
The MultiPASS Desktop Manager is a full-featured Windows application
that enables you to use your L60 from your computer. With the Desktop
Manager, you can:
Send faxes from and receive faxes to your computer
Scan images to your computer
Store the sent and received faxes, and scanned images in folders
Import or export a document from or to a preferred location on your
local disk
Manipulate the stored documents by copying a document, splitting a
document, or merging two documents
Annotate a stored document
Set up an address book for individuals or groups to whom you
repeatedly send faxes
Design your own fax cover page
Define system options for the L60
Complete other tasks such as phoning an individual with your L60
handset (if installed), monitoring the status of your Desktop Manager
jobs, uninstalling the software, and diagnosing your system
When you start Windows or open the Desktop Manager, the MultiPASS
Background is automatically started as well. The MultiPASS Background
enables and monitors the communication between the Desktop Manager
and the L60.
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