Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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4-4    Using the Desktop Manager
Chapter 4
Menu Bar
The menu bar contains commands that enable you to perform the
various Desktop Manager tasks. Some of the commands can also be
accessed by their corresponding buttons on the toolbar.
Standard Toolbar
The standard toolbar provides you quick access to performing certain
Desktop Manager tasks. In circumstances where a task is not
possible, the toolbar button is unavailable, appearing dimmed.
The standard toolbar contains the following buttons:
ToolTips are available, providing descriptions of the toolbar buttons.
You display a ToolTip by pausing the mouse pointer over a button.
Folders List
The folders list contains folders that store your documents. The list
contains both system-defined folders, provided automatically when
you install the software, and user-defined folders, which you create
as needed.
Work Area
The work area appears to the right of the folders list and displays the
documents within the open folder. The documents are displayed
either as a graphic thumbnail of each document, or a list of the
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Fax Log
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