Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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Chapter 4
  Using the Desktop Manager    4-5
Using the
Desktop Manager
The width of the work area can be adjusted by dragging the border
between the work area and folders list.
Process Toolbar
The process toolbar is located at the bottom of the work area and
contains buttons that perform processing tasks. You use most of the
buttons to perform a processing task by dragging a document to the
The process toolbar contains the following buttons:
The Phone button displays if the handset is installed on your L60 and
you set the handset option in the Desktop Manager Setup Options
dialog box. The setting of the handset option is described in Chapter 8,
“L60 Setup and Other Utilities in the Desktop Manager.”
You can use an action button by one of the following methods:
Dragging a document to the action button.
For example, you can drag a document from a folder to the Print
button, thereby printing the document.
If a document is dragged to a button that cannot perform the
task, the mouse pointer displays as a “No” icon (a circle with a
diagonal bar drawn through it).
Clicking a document in a folder and then clicking the button.
This method activates the command for the selected document,
as though the document had been dragged to the button.
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