Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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4-6    Using the Desktop Manager
Chapter 4
Status Bar
The status bar displays information about the selected document or
folder, or a description of the currently selected menu command. The
information is for display only, and cannot be edited.
Understanding Desktop Manager Folders
The Desktop Manager stores and organises your documents in folders.
Only one folder can be open at a time. When you open another folder, the
current folder automatically closes.
A folder can contain only documents, not other folders. Therefore, the
folders list displays only a single level of folders.
As mentioned earlier, there are two types of folders—system-defined and
user-defined—as described in more detail in the following sections.
System-Defined Folders
When you install the Desktop Manager, system-defined folders are
automatically available. The folder icon displays the current state of the
folder as either open or closed.
The system-defined folders are reserved for use by the Desktop Manager,
in the following ways.
With the exception of the Trash folder, only the Desktop Manager can
place documents in the system-defined folders, based on faxes sent or
received, or images scanned. Generally, you can only rename, copy,
move, or delete documents from the folders.
The system-defined folders, including the Trash folder, cannot be
deleted or renamed.
A document remains in a system-defined folder until you move it to a
user-defined folder, or delete it.
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