Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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Chapter 4
  Using the Desktop Manager    4-9
Using the
Desktop Manager
To open a folder:
In the folders list, click the desired folder.
Document View
Document View presents each individual document as a thumbnail of the
document. Each document thumbnail displays the document name at the
top. For multiple page documents, the thumbnail also displays the page
count and scroll arrows at the bottom, and a scroll box at the right side.
The scroll arrows and scroll box enable you to page through a multi-page
document, displaying each page in turn or moving you to a particular
page in the document.
Document View enables you to work with an individual document at the
page level: scrolling through the pages, removing a page, splitting a
document, or merging two or more documents into a single document.
You can rearrange the document thumbnails within the work area as
Document View is available only for the In Box, Scan, Sent Fax, and Trash
folders, and any user-defined folders you create. You cannot use
Document View for the Out Box folder.
To view documents in a folder as thumbnails:
With the folder open, click Document View on the View menu or toolbar.
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