Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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4-10    Using the Desktop Manager
Chapter 4
List View
List View presents the documents within the open folder as a list. Each
document on the list displays an icon representing the document type,
along with other pertinent information about the document (such as the
name, page count, disk storage size, and date and time of creation).
The icon designates the document type as fax, scan, or modified. A
modified document is a document where the fax cover page has been
removed from a fax, a scan that has been annotated, or a multi-page
document that has been split into multiple documents.
List View is available for all folders, both system- and user-defined.
When you display documents using List View, the documents cannot be
manipulated at the page level (as in Document View), such as splitting a
To view the documents in a folder as a list:
With the folder open, click List View on the View menu or toolbar.
Sorting the Documents in the List
Documents in the Out Box folder are listed by a combination of the date
and time they were submitted for processing, any future scheduling time,
and processing status. Documents in the other system-defined folders are
listed in order of date and time. You can change the displayed order of
the list in the Out Box folder.
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