Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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5-6    PC Faxing
Chapter 5
Removing a Fax Recipient
You can remove a recipient included in the Recipients list box by clicking
the recipient and then clicking Remove. This removes the recipient’s
name from the Recipients list box. If you added the recipient from the
Address Book, the name becomes available again in the Address Book list
Adding a New Recipient to the Address Book
If you want to add a fax recipient to the Address Book, do the following.
1. As for a one-time recipient, enter the recipient information in the Last
Name, First Name, Company, Prefix, and Fax boxes.
2. Click New.
3. Complete the New Individual Entry dialog box as necessary and
click Add.
You can also click New without entering the recipient information first.
When the New Individual Entry dialog box displays, the information
boxes are blank. Fill in the appropriate information and click Add.
For instructions on using the New Individual Entry dialog box to add a
new individual to the Address Book, refer to the “Working with Address
Book Entries” section in this chapter.
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