Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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Chapter 5
   PC Faxing    5-7
PC Faxing
Defining Send Fax Options
The following sections provide additional information on defining the
optional send fax options.
Attaching a Cover Page
If desired, you can attach a cover page to your fax. The MultiPASS
Desktop Manager contains a library of predefined fax cover pages,
designed with different styles and suggested uses. In addition, you can
design your own cover page, thereby adding it to the library. The
available cover pages are listed alphabetically by name in the Coversheet
drop-down list box.
For instructions on designing your own cover page, refer to the
“Designing a Fax Cover Page” section in this chapter.
Previewing the Cover Page
To check the appearance of the cover page you have chosen, you click
Preview. The cover page displays, including the recipients and other fax
information you specified, such as any memo text. The display is for
review only, and cannot be edited in the Send Fax dialog box.
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