Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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Chapter 5
   PC Faxing    5-9
PC Faxing
Processing the Fax
You can send your fax—either now or later—only when at least one
recipient is specified. If necessary, you can place a fax on hold and return
to it later for sending. The following sections provide additional
information on processing your fax.
Sending the Fax Now
When you click Send Now, the fax document is placed in the Out Box
folder until the fax can be transmitted. Once transmission is complete, the
fax is either moved to the Sent Fax folder or deleted, based on the status
of the Delete After Sending option.
If a fax fails (because of an incorrect fax number), it remains in the Out
Box until you attempt to resend it or delete it.
Sending the Fax Later
If you prefer to specify the time to send the fax, click Send Later. In the
Send At dialog box, enter the appropriate time within the next twenty-
four hours and click OK.
The fax is placed in the Out Box folder for processing.
Holding the Fax
You can place a fax document on hold any time prior to sending it, as
long as you have specified at least a fax number. The held fax is placed in
the Out Box folder with no time specified for transmission. Any fax
information you specified—such as recipients or cover page
information—is preserved. Later you can decide to send the held fax
document—revising the send information as needed—or delete it.
Cancelling the Fax
If you cancel the fax while in the Send Fax dialog, you are returned to the
application where the document was originally created.
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