Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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5-18    PC Faxing
Chapter 5
If adding a new entry, click Add.
If editing an entry, click Replace.
To cancel without saving, click Cancel.
Entering the Fax and Phone Numbers
When you enter the fax or phone number, you use the applicable numeric
characters and any valid characters that separate the different segments
of the fax or phone number. For example, you can use 0 through 9, dash
(-), or parentheses (). Other characters are also available for entering a fax
or phone number. For a complete list of the characters that are valid in
the Desktop Manager, refer to Appendix A.
You do not include any prefix number your phone system may require to
access an outside phone line. Any prefix is defined in the Desktop
Manager Setup Options dialog box.
Adding and Editing a Group Address
A group address consists of addresses previously set up in the Address
Book, either individual addresses or other group addresses. When
adding a new group, you assign a name to the group and select
previously defined addresses from the Address Book to include in the
group address. When editing a group address, you can add other
addresses or delete addresses from the group.
To add or edit a group entry:
1. With the Address Book open, click the command to add or edit a
group entry.
To add a new group, click New Group.
To edit a group, select the entry in the Address Book and click
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