Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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5-24    PC Faxing
Chapter 5
To assign the correct name, drag the titled button to the column
3. When the appropriate names appear at the top of each column, click
4. In the Export Address Book dialog box, select the file type (.CSV or
.TXT), location, and filename for saving the file. Then click OK.
Designing a Fax Cover Page
In addition to the set of predefined fax cover pages that are installed with
your system, you can design your own fax cover page. Any existing cover
page—one installed with your system or created by you—can be edited.
When you create a new cover page, you use a previously designed
background as your base page, and then place the fax information fields
on the page. The fax information fields—or variable fields—provide
areas where recipient and sender information for a specific fax can be
placed. You can specify the size of the field, the font, font size, and style
of the text displayed for each variable.
You can use a new fax cover page by attaching it when sending a fax with
the MultiPASS Desktop Manager fax driver, or by printing a hard copy
and using it when sending a fax directly from the L60.
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