Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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5-30    PC Faxing
Chapter 5
Drag a field from the variables bin to the desired location in the
layout area.
On the Insert menu, click the field you want to insert. Then position
the cursor at the desired location in the layout area and click to place
the field.
Adjusting the Appearance of the Fields
Once you have placed the desired variable fields into the layout area, you
can adjust the appearance of any field. You can resize, move, or delete a
field. When you delete a field, the field is removed from the layout area
and returned to the variables bin.
Additionally, you can set the text attributes for a field and align two or
more fields on the right, left, top, or bottom. Text attribute changes are
reflected in the sample text shown in the field.
To select a field in the layout area:
To select a single field, click the field.
To select more than one field, hold down the Control key and click
the desired fields.
To select all fields, on the Edit menu, click Select All.
To move a field:
Drag the selected field to a new location.
To delete a field:
Select the field and click Delete on the Edit menu or press the Delete key.
Resizing a Field
With the exception of the Memo field, most of the variable fields consist
of a single line of text. If the variable information to be placed in the field
is longer than the field size, the text does not automatically wrap onto a
next line. The text is truncated to fit the length of the field. For this
reason, you may want to resize a field to ensure the full line of text is
visible on the cover page for the fax.
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