Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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Chapter 6
   Scanning    6-5
3. In the ScanGear window, specify the following preview scan options
for your document as needed: Scan Mode, Scan Resolution,
Preferences, Page Size, and Black and White Options (if applicable).
4. Click Preview.
5. Review the display of your scanned preview image in the scan
window. Adjust the properties of your image as needed for the final
6. Replace your document in the document feeder of the L60.
7. Click Scan.
An indicator displays to track the progress of the scan. A scanned
document remains in the Scan folder until you move or delete it.
Scanning from a Windows Application
You can use the L60 to scan documents directly into a Windows
application that supports a TWAIN interface (such as Photoshop). Some
applications allow multiple page scans, while others do not. If you are
unsure whether your Windows application supports this feature, refer to
your user documentation for the application.
The following instructions summarise the procedures for scanning an
image. For specific information about scanning with your Windows
application and specifying MultiPASS as the scan device, refer to the user
documentation for the application.
To scan an image from a Windows application:
1. Place the image you want to scan face down in the ADF (automatic
document feeder ) of the L60.
2. In your Windows application, choose the command to scan a
In some applications, the appropriate command is listed on the menu
as Acquire or Acquire Image.
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