Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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6-6    Scanning
Chapter 6
3. In the ScanGear window, specify the following preview scan options
for your document as needed: Scan Mode, Scan Resolution,
Preferences, Page Size, and Black and White Options (if applicable).
4. Click Preview.
5. Review the display of your scanned preview image in the scan
window. Adjust the properties of your image as needed for the final
6. Replace your document in the document feed of the L60.
7. Click Scan.
The image appears in the display area of your Windows application.
Setting the Preview Scan Options
Before previewing a scan, you set the scan mode, resolution, preferences,
and paper size. Additionally, when you are scanning a black and white
image, you can select one of the two black and white options.
Setting the Scan Mode
For the preview image, you specify how your source image will be
acquired. Your options include the following:
Greyscale images contain 8 bits per pixel. If your source image is
in colour, choose Greyscale to retain the greatest tonal range.
Text Enhanced
Text enhanced images are greyscale images (8 bits per pixel)
converted to black and white (1 bit per pixel) using Canon
ImageTrust technology.
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