Canon multipass l60 User Manual

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Chapter 6
   Scanning    6-7
Black and White
Black and white images are scanned at one bit per pixel. For
applications that request a black and white scan and do not use
the scan driver window, the scan driver automatically uses the
Text Enhanced setting.
To set the scan mode:
1. Click the Main tab.
2. In the Scan Mode list box, select an option.
Setting the Scan Resolution
You can set the resolution of a scanned image based on the selected output
device. This resolution becomes the base on which changes to image size
and scale are calculated. You can choose a preset resolution, or create a
custom resolution.
To set the scan resolution with a preset option:
1. Click the Main tab.
2. In the Scan Resolution list box, select an option.
Creating a Custom Resolution
You can define a custom resolution, change an existing custom resolution,
or delete a previously defined custom resolution.
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