Canon pixma mp180 User Manual

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Chapter 10 
Computer Stops Operating During Scanning
Scan Quality Is Poor (Poor Image Displayed On The Monitor)
Output Resolution set too 
Reboot the computer, lower the Output Resolution and rescan. (See the Scanning 
Insufficient hard disk space. When scanning large originals at a high resolution, an error may occur if there 
is insufficient hard disk space. Check that the hard disk has sufficient free 
space, and rescan.
When scanning large originals at a high resolution, the progress bar may stay 
at 0% depending on your computer. Set a smaller scanning area or a lower 
resolution, and rescan.
Multiple devices connected 
to the USB port.
Disconnect all other devices but the machine from the port.
Incorrect scan settings. 
Rescan with adjusted settings. (See the Scanning Guide)
Specification of the 
application program.
Some application program does not display the image clearly if the image is too 
small. Set the view mode to 100%.
Moiré appears. 
Select [Magazine (Color)] for Select Source in the Simple Mode or turn on the 
[Descreen] option in the Advanced Mode of ScanGear. Turn off the [Unsharp Mask] 
function if the moiré effect is still too strong even when the Descreen option is on. 
(See the Scanning Guide
Inappropriate display 
Set your display settings on your computer to Medium (16 bit) or higher.
In the [System Preferences] dialog, click the [Displays] icon and select the 
[Display] tab. Set the [Colors] list box to [Thousands] or a higher setting.
Dirty Platen Glass or 
Document Cover.
Clean the Platen Glass or the Document Cover of the machine, taking special care 
not to press strongly on the Platen Glass.
The status of the original is 
Scan with certain functions such as [Reduce Dust and Scratches], [Fading 
Correction] or [Grain Correction] in the Image Settings section of the Advanced 
Mode of ScanGear.
If a print out of an image does not appear satisfactory or the same as what you see 
on the monitor, you may need to change the machine's settings, or the machine 
itself may have engaged in problems.
The color of a preview 
image or a scanned image is 
different from the original 
when scanning an image 
with a plain background like 
the blue sky.
Set [Auto Tone] to [OFF] in ScanGear, and rescan.
For details, refer to the Scanning Guide
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