Canon pixma mp180 User Manual

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Chapter 10
Writing Error/Output Error/Communication Error
Machine is not ready.
Ensure that the ON/OFF lamp on the Operation Panel is on.
If the lamp on the Operation Panel is off, turn the machine ON.
If the Alarm lamp is on, an error may occur in the machine. For details on how to 
resolve the error, refer to “An Error Message Is Displayed On The LCD/LED” on 
page 86.
Paper is not loaded.
Load paper and press [OK].
If this error (Paper is not loaded) is ignored for a certain period of time, an 
additional message may be displayed.
Printer port setting does not 
match the interface 
connected to the machine.
Check the printer port settings.
1. Click [Start] and select [Control Panel], [Printers and Other Hardware], and then 
[Printers and Faxes].
For non-Windows XP, click [Start], select [Settings], and then [Printers].
2. Select the icon of your machine.
3. Open the [File] menu and select [Properties].
4. Click the [Ports] tab (or the [Details] tab) to confirm the port settings.
A USB port is selected if either USBnnn (Canon MP180/MP160) or MPUSBPRNnn 
(Canon MP180/MP160) (where n is a number) is indicated.
If the port setting is not correct, change the port setting according to the interface 
you are using on the [Ports] tab (or the [Details] tab), or reinstall the MP Driver.
Machine is not properly 
Ensure that the USB cable is securely connected to the computer.
Disconnect the machine and reconnect it directly to the computer and try 
printing again. If successful, the problem may have been with the device.
There could also be a problem with the cable(s). Replace the cable(s) and try 
printing again.
MP Driver is not installed 
Uninstall then reinstall the MP Driver.
1. Click [Start], and select [All Programs] (or [Programs]), the name of your 
machine, and [Uninstall].
2. Follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall the driver.
3. Follow the procedures described in the Easy Setup Instructions
 and reinstall the 
MP Driver.
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