Canon pixma mp180 User Manual

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Chapter 11
Copy Specifications
Copy speed*
*Based on Canon standard 
pattern. Copy speed may 
vary depending on 
document complexity, copy 
mode, page coverage and 
the number of copies.
Black & white: Fast mode approx. 22 ppm (Letter size)
Color: Fast mode approx. 17 ppm (Letter size)
No. of copies
MP180: Maximum 99 copies
MP160: Maximum 20 copies
Density adjustment
MP180: 9 levels
MP180: 25% to 400%
Camera Direct Print (PictBridge)
Page size
Default (Photo Paper Plus Glossy 10 x 15 cm/4" x 6")
10 x 15 cm/4" x 6" (Photo Paper Plus Glossy, Photo Paper Pro, Photo Paper 
Plus Semi-gloss, Glossy Photo Paper, Photo Stickers
13 x 18 cm/5" x 7" (Photo Paper Plus Glossy)
A4/8.5" x 11" (Photo Paper Plus Glossy A4/Letter, Photo Paper Pro A4/Letter, 
Photo Paper Plus Semi-gloss A4/Letter, Glossy Photo Paper A4/Letter, Plain 
Paper A4/Letter)
5.4 x 8.6 cm/Credit Card (Glossy Photo Paper Card Size)
 Canon-brand sticker. Printing on this paper is available only when the 
Layout function on your camera has a 16-up option.
See “Recommended Paper” on page 17.
 If using a Canon PictBridge-compatible camera, you can select it.
Media type
Default (Photo Paper Plus Glossy), Photo (Photo Paper Plus, Photo Paper Plus 
Semi-gloss, Glossy Photo Paper, Photo Stickers), Fast Photo (Photo Paper 
Pro), Plain Paper (Only A4/Letter)
Default (Borderless), Borderless, Bordered, N-up (2, 4, 9, 16)*
* Layout compatible with Canon-brand sticker above.
See “Recommended Paper” on page 17.
Default (Off: No trimming), On (follow camera's setting), Off
Enhance image
Default (ExifPrint), On, Off, “VIVID”*, “NR” (Noise Reduction)*, “VIVID+NR”*, 
* If using a Canon PictBridge-compatible camera, you can select it.
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