Canon pixma mp180 User Manual

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Chapter 1 
Before Printing
(1) [
(Maintenance)] Button
Accesses the Maintenance menu.
(2) [Fit to Page] Button
Enables/disables the Fit-to-Page copying.
(3) Fit-to-Page Lamp
Lights when Fit-to-Page copying is enabled.
(4) [SCAN] Button
Opens the MP Navigator to scan a document to your computer according to the settings 
selected. To use this button, the machine must be connected to a computer.
(5) Alarm Lamp
Lights if an error occurs, or when the paper or ink runs out.
(6) LED (Light Emitting Diode)
Displays the number of copies, Maintenance menu selections or the operational status.
(7) [Black] Button*
Starts black & white copying. Also, press this button to confirm settings or operations.
(8) [Color] Button*
Starts color copying. Also, press this button to confirm settings or operations.
(9) [Stop/Reset] Button
Cancels operations and returns the machine to standby mode.
(10) [ON/OFF] Button
Turns the machine ON and OFF. Before turning ON the machine, make sure the 
Document Cover is closed.
(11) Black/Color Ink Lamp
Lights when a Black/Color FINE Cartridge is empty.
(12) Paper Lamp
Displays the selected paper size and type for copying.
(13) [Paper] Button
Switches the paper size and type for copying.
(14) [+] Button
Increases the number of copies.
* In the software applications or manuals, [Black] and/or [Color] buttons are collectively called 
“[Start]” or “[OK]”.
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