Canon pixma mp180 User Manual

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Do not attempt to disassemble or modify the machine. There are no user serviceable parts 
inside the machine.
The machine contains high-voltage components. Never attempt any maintenance 
procedure not described in this guide. Incorrect maintenance procedures may damage the 
machine, or cause a fire or electrical shock.
Do not drop paper clips, staples, or other metal objects inside the machine. Also do not 
spill water, liquid, or flammable substances inside the machine. If these items come into 
contact with high-voltage parts inside the machine, it may result in fire or electrical shock. 
If these items are dropped or spilled in the machine, turn OFF the power and unplug the 
power cord immediately with dry hands. Then contact your local authorized Canon dealer 
or the Canon help line.
Do not use flammable sprays near the machine.
This could cause a fire or electrical shock if the spray comes into contact with electrical 
components inside the machine.
There are high-voltage components inside the machine. If you are looking inside the 
machine to clear paper jams etc., do not allow metal objects such as jewelry to come into 
contact with the inside of the machine. Contact may result in burns or electrical shock.
When setting the machine near electric products with fluorescent lighting, separate the 
machine at least 5.9 inches (15 cm) from electric products equipped with fluorescent 
lighting. If you place it near to them, the machine may malfunction as a result of the noise 
emitted by the fluorescent lighting.
When turning OFF the power, be sure to press [ON/OFF] and confirm that the Alarm Lamp 
has shut off. If you pull the power plug out of the wall outlet while the Alarm Lamp is on, the 
FINE Cartridge is not protected, and you may not be able to print later.
You may cause injury or damage the machine if you ignore any of these safety 
Do not block or cover the ventilation port or any openings on the machine with objects, as 
it may cause the inside of machine to overheat and cause a fire.
Place the machine on a flat, stable, vibration-free surface that is strong enough to support 
its weight. If the machine topples over, it may result in injury. (For the weight of the 
machine, see 
“Appendix” on page 108.
Do not use or store the machine outdoors.
Do not install the machine near devices that contain magnets or generate magnetic fields, 
such as speakers.
To ensure proper ventilation, make sure the machine is approximately 4 inches (10 cm) 
away from walls and other equipment.
Do not install the machine in a location that is very humid or dusty, in direct sunlight, 
outdoors, or close to a heating source.
Installing in such a location may result in fire or electrical shock.
To avoid the risk of fire or electrical shocks, install the machine in a location with an 
ambient temperature range of 41ºF to 95ºF (5ºC to 35ºC) and humidity of 10% to 90% 
(condensation free).
Do not place the machine on a thick rug or carpet.
If fibers or dust come inside the machine, it could cause a fire.
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