Canon pixma mp180 User Manual

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Chapter 9 
Routine Maintenance
When Printing Becomes Faint Or Color Is Incorrect
When printing becomes faint or colors are incorrect, the FINE Cartridge Nozzles are probably 
clogged. Follow the procedures below to clean these nozzles.
Before Performing Maintenance
Remove the FINE Cartridge once, then reinsert it into place.
See “Replacing A FINE Cartridge” on page 67.
Adjusting the printer driver for the [Print Quality] setting to [High] for 
Windows, or [Fine] for a Macintosh, may improve the print quality.
See the Printer Driver Guide.
Step 1
See “Printing The Nozzle Check Pattern” on page 76
After FINE 
Cartridge Cleaning,
print the nozzle 
check pattern.
If missing lines or white stripes appear
Step 2
See “FINE Cartridge Cleaning” on page 78
If the problem persists after performing
FINE Cartridge Cleaning twice
Step 3
See “FINE Cartridge Deep Cleaning” on page 78
If the problem still persists after performing
FINE Cartridge Deep Cleaning twice
Step 4
See “Replacing A FINE Cartridge” on page 67
If ruled lines appear misaligned when printed, adjust the FINE Cartridge position.
See “Aligning The FINE Cartridge” on page 79.
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