Canon pixma mp180 User Manual

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Chapter 10 
When Copying
The size of the print data is too large.
Check the size of the print data. For Windows XP and Windows 2000, if the 
size of the data is too large, part of it may be lost. When the spool format 
is EMF, follow the procedure below.
1. Open the printer properties dialog box.
2. On the [Page Setup] tab, click [Print Options].
3. Select the [Reduce spool data size] check box, and click [OK].
When Reduce spool data size is set, the print quality may be degraded.
The hard disk does not have enough 
available space.
You may need to increase the amount of free space on the disk by deleting 
any unnecessary files.
The document is not loaded 
Check that the document is loaded correctly on the Platen Glass.
See “Loading Documents” on page 15.
The quality (image quality) displayed 
on the LCD is not suitable for the 
document. (MP180)
Set the image quality suitable for the document.
See “Adjusting Image Quality” on page 29.
The document is not loaded with the 
side to be copied face down.
When loading the document on the Platen Glass, the side to be copied 
should be face down.
The document or photograph set on 
the Platen Glass was printed from 
your machine.
Image quality may be poor if you copy a printed document or photograph. 
Instead, reprint the photograph directly from the digital camera, or the 
document from your computer.
The Platen Glass or inner side of the 
Document Cover is dirty.
Clean the Platen Glass or inner side of the Document Cover.
See “Cleaning The Platen Glass And Document Cover” on page 81.
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