Canon pixma ip4300 User Manual

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Before Printing
Paper Source Selection Scenarios
Deciding on the usage of the two paper sources to print with minimum reloading of paper 
depends mainly on the variety of the type of paper you use regularly, and also on space 
limitations of the location you are setting the printer.
If you print regularly on photo paper as well as on plain paper
If you use photo paper as much as plain paper, you can load photo paper in the Auto Sheet 
Feeder and plain paper in the Cassette. This way, you can switch the paper source according 
to the type of paper just by pressing the Paper Feed Switch.
You can also specify the type and size of paper to be fed from the Cassette using the printer 
driver. You can print more efficiently by specifying the type of paper you use regularly this 
way, since the paper source will be switched automatically to the Cassette for this paper. 
(A) Auto Sheet Feeder: Load paper of various types and sizes, including photo paper
(B) Cassette: Load paper you use most regularly, such as plain paper.
Some types and sizes of paper are not loadable in the Cassette and requires the use of the 
Auto Sheet Feeder. Refer to “Compatible Media Types” in “Printing Media” of the User’s Guide 
on-screen manual. For details on loading paper, see “Loading Paper” on page 12.
For details on printer driver settings, refer to the Printer Driver Guide on-screen manual.