Canon pixma ip4300 User Manual

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Printing Photographs Directly from a Compliant Device
Printing Photographs Directly from a 
Compliant Device
Printing from a PictBridge Compliant Device
You can connect a PictBridge compliant device such as a digital camera, camcorder, or mobile 
phone and print recorded images directly without using a computer.
A device with this mark is PictBridge-compatible.
Connecting a PictBridge Compliant Device
To connect a PictBridge compliant device to this printer, use a USB cable recommended by the 
device’s manufacturer.
Set up the printer.
Refer to the Easy Setup Instructions to set up the printer and make it ready for printing.
Turn on the printer and load the paper in the printer.
See “Turning the Printer On and Off” on page 2 and “Loading Printing Paper” on page 4.
PictBridge is an industry standard enabling a range of digital photo solutions, including the direct 
printing of photos from a digital still camera, camcorder or mobile phone* without the need to use a 
computer. A device can be connected to this printer for direct printing regardless of the manufacturer or 
the model as long as it complies with the PictBridge standard.
You can select the images to print and specify various print settings from your camera or mobile phone.
* PictBridge compatible digital still cameras, digital camcorders, and camera-equipped mobile phones 
are hereafter collectively referred to as “PictBridge compliant device”.
Do not connect any equipment other than PictBridge compliant devices to the Direct Print Port of 
the printer. If you do so, electric shock, fire, or damage to the device could result.
When printing photos with the digital device connected to the printer, we recommend the use of the 
AC adapter supplied with the device. If you are using the device battery, be sure to charge it fully.
The Print Head cannot be aligned using the controls of the PictBridge compliant device. If Print 
Head alignment is not yet performed and the printer driver is not installed in the computer, be sure 
to align the Print Head as follows.
Make sure that the printer is on, and then load a sheet of A4 or Letter-sized plain paper in the Auto 
Sheet Feeder. Hold down the RESUME/CANCEL button until the POWER lamp flashes green four 
times, and then release it immediately. The print head alignment pattern is printed, and the print 
head position is adjusted automatically.
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