Canon pixma ip4300 User Manual

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Printed Paper Curls or Has Ink Blots
Printed Surface Is Scratched/Paper Is Smudged
Print quality is not set appropriately.
Set the Print Quality setting to High in Windows or Fine in Macintosh.
(1)Open the printer properties dialog box.
(2)On the Main sheet, click High for the Print Quality setting.
(1)Open the Print dialog box.
(2)Select Quality & Media in the pop-up menu and then click Detailed Setting.
(3)Drag the slide bar to set Print Quality to Fine.
Depending on the type of paper, you may not be able to set Print Quality to 
High (Windows) or Fine (Macintosh).
Paper is too thin.
When printing data with high color saturation such as photographs or images in 
deep color, we recommend using Photo Paper Pro or other Canon specialty 
paper. See “Media Types You Cannot Use” on page 5.
Media Type setting in the printer driver 
does not match the actual type of 
Make sure that the Media Type set in the Main sheet of the printer driver 
(Windows) or the Quality & Media sheet of the Print dialog box (Macintosh) 
matches the type of the loaded printing paper.
Paper Feed Rollers are dirty.
Follow the procedure below to clean the Paper Feed Rollers.
Cleaning the Paper Feed Rollers will wear the rollers, so perform this procedure 
only when necessary.
(1)Make sure that the printer is turned on, and then remove any paper from the 
Auto Sheet Feeder and Cassette.
(2)Press the Open Button to open the Paper Output Tray and extend the Output 
Tray Extension.
(3)Press the Paper Feed Switch to select the paper source to clean.
(4)Hold down the RESUME/CANCEL button and release it when the POWER 
lamp flashes green three times.
The Paper Feed Rollers will rotate as they clean.
(5)Repeat step 4 twice.
(6)Load three or more sheets of A4 or Letter-sized plain paper in portrait 
orientation in the paper source you selected in step 3.
(7)Hold down the RESUME/CANCEL button and release it when the POWER 
lamp flashes green three times.
The paper cleans the Paper Feed Rollers as it feeds through the printer.
(8)Repeat step 7 three times.
If there are no signs of improvement after cleaning the rollers three times, 
contact a Canon service representative.