Canon pixma mp600 Quick Setup Guide

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Before Printing
(4) Activate/deactivate Red eye correction.
Corrects red eyes in portraits caused by flash photography.
Red eye correc. OFF, Red eye correc. ON
(5) Activate/deactivate Vivid photo function.
Makes green and blue more lively.
Vivid photo OFF, Vivid photo ON
(6) Activate/deactivate the Photo Optimizer pro function.
Automatically optimizes brightness and tone of a photo.
Photo opt. pro OFF, Photo opt. pro ON
(7) Activate/deactivate the Noise reduction function.
Reduces the noise on blue areas like the sky as well as on black areas.
Noise reduction OFF, Noise reduction ON
(8) Activate/deactivate Face brightener function.
Brightens a darkened face on the photo taken against the light.
Face brightener OFF, Face brightener ON
(9) Activate/deactivate Image optimizer function.
Corrects and smooths the jagged contours for printing.
Image optimizer OFF, Image optimizer ON
(10) Adjust brightness.
Brightness -2, Brightness -1, Brightness standard, Brightness +1, Brightness +2
(11) Adjust contrast.
Contrast -2, Contrast -1, Contrast standard, Contrast +1, Contrast +2
(12) Adjust color hue.
Color hue red +2, Color hue red +1, Color hue original, Color hue yellow +1, Color hue 
yellow +2
(13) Activate/deactivate Effects
Applies special effects to the photo, such as printing in sepia tones or with a sketch 
illustration like effect.
No effects, Effect: Sepia, Simulate illustration
(14) Activate/deactivate Fade restoration
Corrects the color when printing photos that have faded or color cast over time.
Fade restoration OFF, Fade restoration ON
*1 Can be selected only in Memory card mode.
*2 Can be selected only in Easy photo reprint mode.
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