Canon pixma mp600 Quick Setup Guide

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Printing Photographs Directly from a Compliant Device
Printing Photographs Directly from a PictBridge Compliant Device
When operating the device, be sure to follow the instructions given in the instruction manual of 
your PictBridge compliant device. This section describes the page size, media type, layout, 
image optimization modes, and date printing mode that can be set on a PictBridge compliant 
device connected to the machine.
Confirming or Changing PictBridge Print Settings from Your Camera
To change the page size or media type, operate the device to select the PictBridge print setup 
mode and confirm or change the settings.
About the Settings Explained Below
Some setting items explained below may not be available on some devices. In this case, the 
Default setting explained below is applied for the setting item.
* In the following description, names of settings items are given according to those used in 
Canon-brand PictBridge compliant devices. Setting item names may be different depending 
on the brand or model of your device.
The settings below can be changed in the PictBridge settings screen on the machine when a 
PictBridge compliant device is connected. However, changes can be made in the PictBridge 
 screen on the machine only when the corresponding items below are in the Default 
setting items (the setting to follow that of the machine) on the PictBridge compliant device.
See “Confirming or Changing PictBridge Print Settings on the Machine” on page 44.
Printable Image Data Format
This machine prints images taken with a DCF
 (Design rule for Camera File system)-
compatible digital camera*, as well as PNG files.
* Exif2.21 compliant
PictBridge compliant 
device setting items
Machine setting on the Print Setting screen
Paper size: Default
You can change the following settings on the PictBridge 
Page sizeMedia typeBordered/Borderless
For the setting items, see “Setting items” on page 44.
Paper type: Default
Layout: Default
Image optimize: Default
You can change the following settings on the PictBridge 
Photo opt.proVivid photoFace brightenerNoise 
Image optimizerRed eye correc.Brightness
ContrastColor hue, Effects
For the setting items, see “Setting items” on page 44.
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