Canon pixma mp600 Quick Setup Guide

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Before Printing
You can perform the maintenance or change the various settings 
of the machine. See “When Printing Becomes Faint or Colors Are 
Incorrect” on page 52, “
Cleaning Your Machine” on page 64, or 
“Changing the Machine Settings” in the User’s Guide on-screen 
Easy photo reprint:
You can scan printed photos and then print them. See “Photo 
Printing from Photo” on page 36
Memory card:
Print the photo data stored in a memory card of a digital camera.
See “Printing from a Memory Card” on page 31.
Other Buttons
(A) NAVI button
(B) Function buttons
NAVI Button
You can easily reach the function that you want to perform. Select what you want to do on the 
navigation menu, then press the OK button.
Function Buttons
Two Function buttons enable you to select menus displayed at the bottom of the LCD.
The screen that appears when you press a Function button depends on the screen that is 
displayed and which Function button you press. 
(A) Function button (f1): When you press the Function button (f1/Remaining ink vol) on the 
HOME screen, the remaining ink volume screen is displayed.
(B) Function button (f2): When you press the Function button (f2/Introduction) on the 
HOME screen, the introductions for the selected mode functions are 
When you press them on screens other than the HOME screen, an operation procedure or 
menus is displayed.
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