Canon pixma mp600 Quick Setup Guide

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“Print head is not installed. Install the 
print head.”
“The type of print head is incorrect. 
Install the correct print head.”
Follow the directions given in the Easy Setup Instructions to install the Print 
If the Print Head is already installed, remove the Print Head once and then 
reinstall it.
If the error is not resolved, the Print Head may be damaged. Contact your 
Canon service representative.
“Inner cover is open. Close the inner 
cover and press OK.”
If the Inner Cover is open when starting printing, close it and then press the OK 
button on the machine.
Do not open or close the Inner Cover while printing, as this can damage the 
“Some ink tanks are not installed in 
“More than one ink tank of the following 
color is installed.”
Possible causes are as follows:
Some ink tanks are not installed in the correct position.
More than one ink tanks of the same color are installed.
Confirm that the ink tanks are installed in the appropriate positions.
See “Replacing an Ink Tank” on page 46.
“The ink absorber is almost full. Press 
OK to continue printing. Contact the 
service center.”
The machine has a built-in ink absorber to hold the ink used during Print Head 
Cleaning, for example.
This error message indicates that the ink absorber is nearly full.
Press the OK button to cancel the error so you can continue printing.
However, because printing is disabled once the ink absorber becomes 
completely full and until the ink absorber is replaced, you are recommended to 
contact a Canon service representative as early as possible. (You will need to 
replace a particular part of the machine.)
“The device may be incompatible. 
Remove the device and check the 
manual supplied with the connected 
Disconnect the cable connecting the machine and the device, and then 
reconnect it.
Depending on the model or brand of your device, you may have to select a 
PictBridge-compliant print mode on the device before connecting it to the 
machine. You may also have to turn on the camera or select Play mode 
manually after connecting the device to the machine. Perform necessary 
operations according your device’s instruction manual.
If the error is still not resolved, there is a possibility that you are using a digital 
camera or digital video camcorder that is not supported by this machine. Use a 
digital camera or digital video camcorder compatible with this machine.
“Auto head align has failed. Press OK 
and repeat operation. <See manual>”
Possible causes are as follows:
Paper of size other than A4 or Letter is loaded in the Auto Sheet Feeder.
Press the OK button on the machine to dismiss the error message, then load 
a sheet of A4/Letter-sized paper in the Auto Sheet Feeder.
Automatic Print Head Alignment cannot be performed using paper from the 
Cassette. For Automatic Print Head Alignment, always load paper in the Auto 
Sheet Feeder.
Print Head nozzles are clogged.
Press the OK button to dismiss the error message, and print the nozzle 
check pattern to check the status of the Print Head. See “Printing the Nozzle 
Check Pattern” on page 53.
The Paper Output Slot is exposed to strong light.
Press the OK button to dismiss the error message, and then adjust your 
operating environment and/or the position of the machine so that the Paper 
Output Slot is not exposed directly to strong light.
After carrying out the above measures, if the problem continues after aligning 
the Print Head again, press the OK button to dismiss the error message, and 
then perform Manual Print Head Alignment. For details on Manual Print Head 
Alignment, see “Manual Print Head Alignment” on page 61.
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